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Bucket Cart – The Best Bucket Cart For Carrying Things Around The Garden

Perfect Tool For every gardener and DIY enthusiast.

Winner Broll 5-Gallon Bucket Cart

Right now on to a really clever invention and a problem that comes up for me quite a bit when gardening, my garden is rather rocky and I’m often moving rocks about. I find that this great cart comes in perfect for the job, it saves so much time cause it can carry so many rocks in one go and saves my back by having to carry them individually to the side of the driveway verge of my property. Its awesome too for carrying around water around the garden when need be and saves my old feet from making so many journeys to the tap.

Have you ever needed to move some gravel, working on a new garden feature, rockery etc, it can be a pain and a strain on your back carrying a large bucket by hand to the place you are gardening, I’m sure most people know what its like to do something like that, especially when it’s a large job that can take many trips.

Anything that makes my gardening work less manual labour and more about appreciating its beauty then I’m all for it and I just find the uses for this neat little cart are limitless. Since getting mine at the beginning of the year I’ve not looked back to be honest, I didn’t even know of its existence until I read someone recommending the use of one on a gardening forum.

Also great for its ease over any rough terrain.

Who wants to walk over uneven ground carrying heavy buckets of gravel, sand, water, rocks etc. You try it carrying anything near 5-gallons without a serious aching arm and back then you end up falling flat on your face when you trip with it. Yeah this baby glides over the roughest of terrain to help you move all those awkward loads and gets your job done so much quicker, to be honest I can’t believe its taken this long for an invention like this to come along.

Weather proof.

Yeah its made of strong stuff, tough powder-coated steel tubing then an extra durable and UV protected all-weather plastic, so it’s not going to wear out anytime soon and should keep you going for season after season of gardening.

Is it portable, can I get it in my car?

No worries on that score either, the handle come off with a slight twist and removes from its T-connector with ease so fitting it into the car is easy, so not only are these great for your garden but you can travel around with it and I can certainly see these been very useful for lots of jobs working in construction, gardening and agriculture, so many uses. Everyone should have one.

Does it end there then, I hear you say!

Well no, actually, the manufacturers of this great product seem to be developing other accessories for your cart, making them into something else entirely.





The Garden Tray Accessory Coming Soon
Now you can also get a garden tray accessory which makes this product even more fantastic for us gardeners turning it into a more traditional garden cart, with this tough tray you can now carry around your flats of flowers, bags of soil and would be great for loads more gardening tasks and other projects when you might need more of a flat surface than a bucket specifically.  It’s a hassle free process to simply take out the standard ring you have and place the garden tray on to the uprights and away you go.

The Pro-Tray Accessory Coming Soon
You might have an object were a ridged tray design is not really going to cut it and have an odd-shaped object then that’s where this great flat tray comes in, its open-meshed form means its easy to tie things and strap whatever you are going to be shifting about.

Almost anything now can be shifted about with your Broll and will certainly come in handy for most people keen on gardening and DIY.

Even decorators can find a use for this cart as you can also get a snap-on ring to save you lifting large paint cans or whatever large cans you might be lugging about and you can simply roll along your large can wherever you want and it even allows you to snap it in place without having to actually lift it into place, pretty genius and saves anyone elderly or those with injuries or bad back having to lug around anything.

NB. The 5-Gallon Bucket does not come with this product and has to be purchased separately.

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