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Folding Garden Cart – The Best Cart For Storage

Looking for a cart that can be easily stored away.

Winner – Tipke 2100 Fold-It Utility Cart

For those of you who fancy the idea of a cart to use in your garden and yard but would prefer something that you can neatly store away for only those times when you need it. Well I’ve been looking over the ranges of folding carts and there are some good ones out there but the one that stood out for me was this Tipke Fold-It Utility Cart as yeah its great to use for so many things and folds up so well and neatly. Not many products I’ve seen with wheels can fold up so well as this cart does, it’s so easy and genius.

How well-built is the cart, can it do heavy-duty stuff ?

I found though when looking at this cart that’s its strongest feature is its build quality, Tipke Manufacturing are in fact experts in metal products and they certainly know their stuff, it’s always good to know you are buying into a company that knows about the material aspects too and know about building things that are quality and will last. An amazing thing about this cart is it only weighs in at 33 lbs but astonishingly can haul up to 330 lbs which is going to make this a great cart for so many jobs and with it being so light in weight it makes the job of moving your contents that much easier because you are not having to manuever a heavy cart on top of your load.

Yeah but just how easy is this thing to move and is it sturdy ?

Yeah that’s the thing, It is actually very sturdy in its structure and shapes up well with large loads because mainly due to its big 20 inch tires that are pneumatic and the weight of the load seems to get dispersed very evenly around the cart which makes for going over quite the roughest of terrain very easy indeed.

Doesn’t the contents fall out the at the front ?

Well no there is a great add-on product you can get to prevent this from happening and makes this cart even better cause with this add-on it enables you to use it for much larger loads cause it holds all the content in firmly and it removes easily to allow you to dump your soil, mulch or whatever when at your destination. I’ve listing the product below.

You can even use this beast on back of your mower or mini tractor as it comes with an additional trailer hitch and then allows you to tow your contents that way, making your job of moving it around even easier.

If a folding cart that’s fit for pretty much any job you could ever need a garden cart for is what you are after I think this is for sure worthy of our 1st place award as its got it all and actually looks good too. It comes rust proof so there no worries about giving it a good hosing after use, to clean it off or if you get caught out in the rain. It has so many uses too camping, fishing, boating, outdoor events, collecting wood, etc. It’s so much more than just a garden and yard cart cause it can easily fit into your car to take around with you wherever. Certainly worth considering if you are after a cart that tics every box.

There was another two products I did see when doing my research for a folding garden cart solution but I would say they are certainly not as practical as the Tipke cart, they are more for light gardening duties, the first one was the Red Folding Utility Wagon With Handle, which does look great and can be great for use also at outdoor events with the kids so its multi purpose, it can only hold 120lbs which should be fine for lots of garden chores. Also I liked the look of the On The Edge Green Folding wagon, this can hold more weight with 200 lbs being its limit, again good for most things and can be used also for outdoor eventing.

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