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Garden Carts Made From Wood – The Vintage Look Wood Cart

Garden Carts Made from Wood – The Vintage Look Wood Cart
Garden Carts Made from Wood – The Vintage Look Wood Cart

Wood carts are a favorite among avid gardeners. Why? Because a wooden garden cart isn’t merely functional, it’s also makes beautiful addition to any garden. A vintage look wood cart can help you effortlessly transform your garden from a suburban landscape to a charming homage to yesteryear.


History of the Wood Cart

The wood cart, also known as a wood barrow, has enjoyed popularity throughout history. Its colorful existence is thought to have begun in around 234 A.D., when a Chinese General invented it to transport supplies to injured soldiers. However, this design was a far cry from the wood carts that followed and required two men to steer it.

The wood barrow also played a part in medieval life, where it was used in construction and mining operations to transport goods. This version of the wood cart bore more similarity to the designs we are familiar with today, as its only wheel was positioned at the front of the device. Throughout the 13th and 14th centuries, the barrow’s exceptional ability to support agriculture and farming became known.


Modern Usage of the Wood Cart

The wood cart has survived through the ages, with its rich agricultural roots making it a spectacular choice for garden carts. While some modern gardeners choose to put the ever reliable wood barrow to work in their gardens, others choose instead to incorporate the wood cart into the garden design itself.

A decorative garden cart can serve as a beautiful reminder of horticulture’s heritage, especially if positioned artfully in the middle of a patch the flowers and left to age naturally.

A vintage garden cart can also be used as a rustic planter box. Gardener who wish to add extra ambiance to their garden by transforming their garden carts into planters should ensure that the wood cart is not so rotten that it will collapse. If the structure is still solid, it may then be positioned in a suitable spot in the garden, where it will receive optimum sunlight for the plants the gardener intends to grow.

Next, if the wood barrow is water tight, drainage holes need to be added. Drill several of these holes into the lowest part of the wood cart for water to escape.

Fine gravel can be added to the bottom of the wood cart to further support drainage. Then, add a combination of good quality soil and compost to ensure maximum plant health. Finally, populate the adapted planter with plant varieties of your choice.


Uses For Your Wood Cart

Garden carts also offer a unique solution to gardeners who find their attempts at growing strawberries are foiled by hungry birds and animals. Growing strawberries in a wood cart on the back porch or veranda means that gardeners can keep a closer eye on their produce and easily move the planter around to ensure the strawberries receive optimum sunlight.

However one decides to incorporate a vintage garden cart into their garden, this unusual and old worldly piece is sure to generate interest from friends, family and fellow gardeners alike. They bring a certain sense of magic to a garden do these vintage carts and can still be very useful as a garden cart in their own right.

You of course can still buy carts like this these days that have been made to look old fashioned and shabby chic but you also might want to look around for vintage second hand carts on eBay or Craigs List. You will find that they come in all sorts of shape and sizes from big horse drawn carts to the small hand cart and one wheeled carts.

Some interior designers are even doing these old outside weathered garden carts and restoring them and bringing them inside to be used as inside furniture, like shabby chic tables and seating. You could get really creative with them and maybe see how wonderful one could look in your home.

Photo source: Thanks to David Baron

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