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Garden Carts World Buying Guide: Looking for a Garden Cart?

garden cart world buying guide
garden cart world buying guide

A garden cart can be one of the most useful tools to have when carrying out gardening, landscaping or farm work. It’s going to help you shift around your tools, plants or garden waste much better and not having you make umpteen trips to the garden shed so many times. It can save you lots of leg work and back strain not to mention helping you get tiring work done a hell of a lot quicker. Garden carts come in many shapes and sizes and I hope you’ll look around the site and see what might best suit you. There traditional handle garden carts that can be pushed or pulled. There’s folding garden carts that can fold away neatly for easy storage. There is for those with a bigger garden or farm; a utility dump trailer to attach to your ATV and helps you transport heavy loads. There are lots of garden carts that can be used manually with a handle but also attach to an ATV. There’s garden carts that are rolling garden seats, leaf carts, muck carts, bucket carts etc. Whatever you’re looking for we hope you’ll discover more info and help you make the right decision.


Why You Need a Garden Cart

Garden wagons are an oft-underestimated gardening essential for anyone with a back yard or garden of any size to look after. Here is a quick rundown of just some of the things you might find yourself using a garden wagon for:

  • Removing soil dug up when planting or landscaping
  • Bringing in rocks, wood or other garden decoration
  • Gently and carefully moving larger plants from one location to another
  • Dealing with animal bedding and waste
  • Removing rubbish from a garden
  • Bringing new soil into a garden
  • Distributing home-made compost
  • Effortlessly moving heavy gardening equipment around
  • Carrying large watering cans or other watering equipment
  • Bringing garden produce into the house or shed
  • Collecting and moving fallen leaves and garden debris


Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list! There are any number of uses for a garden cart, and if you invest in one for your outdoor space you’re bound to discover that you get even more use out of it than you had imagined that you might.


What to Look For in a Garden Cart

Whether you’re looking for a simple lawn cart, a couple of muck carts, or a heavy duty cart to cope with industrial-sized loads, there are a few things you should consider before making your choice. Obviously, you should make sure to add your own particular concerns to this handy checklist.

  • Where are you going to store your cart? If space is at a premium, consider a folding garden cart.
  • How heavy a load will it need to take? Should you look into a utility dump trailer rather than a standard garden cart? Always check the maximum safe loads of any cart before you purchase it.
  • What kind of terrain will your cart need to cover? Is everything nicely tarmac-covered, will there be lawn for it to traverse, or might you need to take the cart over gravel?
  • How often will you be using your cart? Cheaper, flimsier carts are alright for occasional light use, while most gardeners will want something a little more substantial. Consider a gorilla cart or dump trailer for really big tasks or extremely frequent and heavy usage.


Above all, it’s important to ensure that your garden cart is fit for purpose. Buying the wrong cart could end badly – especially if if leads to damage to your outdoor space or decorative features. You need to make sure that you don’t skimp on cost, on features or on load-bearing – which isn’t to say that you should always buy a top of the range cart if that isn’t what you need! Just make sure that the cart you choose is adequate for your requirements.


Alternative Uses for a Garden Cart

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of a great deal of space to store a garden cart – or you might have an old cart you’re hoping you can do something a little creative with. If this sounds like you, there are actually any number of things you can do with an old or disused garden cart – some of which even allow for the cart to be re-purposed again if you want it back in the future. Try some of these for starters:

  • So long as you are sure to pad it well and find a way to stabilize it when it is in use, there are plenty of ways to turn an old cart into a rolling garden seat that can be used anywhere in your garden you like. This doesn’t even have to be all that pretty, if it is mostly for practical use – but it is certainly possible to turn it into a work of art!
  • Even the oldest and most dilapidated of carts can still have some use as a leaf cart come autumn. After all, leaves don’t weigh much – and if the cart were to break, it wouldn’t at all be a disaster that they had been spilled.
  • Old and disused garden carts make great planters. Grow flowers or vegetables in them, and turn the cart itself into a feature of your garden. This can look really effective if done well, not to mention it’s a free way of adding a new piece of visual interest!


If you decide that you don’t want to re-purpose your old cart, don’t take it straight to the dump without first checking out your options – there’s a chance that you will be able to get some scrap money from the metal the cart is made of, which will contribute toward the cost of a new cart.


Getting the Most From Your Garden Cart

No equipment is infallible, and just like everything else in your home and garden it’s important to look after your garden cart if you want it to serve you well. Thankfully, this shouldn’t be too arduous a task – just bear in mind these few simple things that will help to keep everything in tip top working order for many years to come.

  • Never just buy the cheapest cart you can find. It won’t serve you very well for very long, and could end up costing you far more when you have to then go out and buy a second cart.
  • Be sure to store your garden cart somewhere where it is protected from the elements. If you don’t have a shed or other sheltered space, cover it with a canopy or groundsheet to help prevent rust and other problems.
  • Keep an eye out for stiff, squeaky or wobbling wheels, and grease them right away if it seems like this is beginning to happen.


Above all, you need to make sure that you’re paying attention to the effects of wear and tear on your garden cart. They’re wonderful pieces of kit, but they really aren’t infallible – as with all of your garden equipment, make sure you look after it and it will look after you.

On the site we will be taking a look at the best garden carts out there on the market and helping you make an informed decision on which model maybe best for you. There are some excellent models on the market, but as with most products out there, there are also ones to be avoided. You have obviously come here cause of your love for gardening and seeking more info on which garden cart to go for, or to at least find out if a cart would be of any use to you. 


More than just good for the garden: What other uses do they have then?

Garden Carts are obviously great for assisting you in your gardens but they can have many uses with also being great for moving around heavy objects, tailgating, festivals and kid carrier, kids love these carts and are very popular with families at outdoor events.


Gorilla’s love their Gardening Too

Now I don’t think you can match the great Gorilla Carts Range of Garden Carts by Tricam Industries, they make them in lots of styles and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Having tested and used a few of them myself I can say that they build them to last and of high quality.

First, they nearly all come from irrelevant resources. From 400 lb up to 1200 lb capacity they can cater for pretty much any gardening project you have planned. I’ve posted here a little video from a TV show ‘The Womens Show’ that showcases them pretty well and you can see exactly what all the fuss is about.






Why not simply use a Wheelbarrow

Having been into gardening for many years now and yeah I’ve got through a few wheel barrows in my time I can tell you. But since discovering about garden carts and how much easier to move around stuff they were and no more wobbling around when it got too full. A garden cart can be also better because it doesn’t take as much strength as you don’t have to lift it up first to maneuver it.

Garden Carts to maybe avoid

Like with all products there are products that do not quite work as we’d of hoped when we purchased. The following carts are consistently rated poorly by gardeners and landscapers so you might want to avoid them.

Avoid Garden Carts - Buffalo Tools 6L-x-18W inches Flatbed Cart Avoid Garden Carts - Northern Industrial Jumbo Wagon Avoid Garden Carts - Grizzly H3034 Large Wheel Nursery Push Cart Avoid-Garden-Carts - Easy-Up-ATV-Gardening-Seat-on-Wheels


Buffalo Tools Flatbed Cart – People have reported in getting their cart in bad packaging, with scratches on the metalwork, not very good instructions and parts missing.

Northern Industrial Jumbo Wagon – People have reported problems with wheels breaking off and complaints about the stated 1400 lbs not be accurate.

Grizzly Large Wheel Nursery Push Cart – People have reported that the design isn’t exactly up for the job and felt flimsy and cheaply made. Also bad instructions and parts didn’t fit right when assembled.

Easy Up ATV Garden Seat On Wheel – People have reported it not being too strong and not lasting long.

So look for decent sturdy frame that’s going to carry a decent weight in capacity, doing that you will have a cart that is going to be useful in any size job you have planned.


Is Capacity weight very important?

Not all carts are going to be about the need for heavy-duty gardening but it has to be fit for purpose and always best to buy to what your needs are and then some to have a cart that will at least be a bit future proof in case you needed it for a more heavy-duty job.

That said you also want to think logically, maybe you only have a small to medium-sized garden and would never have the need for a cart to carry anything over 100 lbs, then the Superior Lawn Cart is ideal for you and has the great handy feature of putting your bag in the provided ring to keep your bag always open and easy access. Its one thing I loved about the lawn cart as its so much easier to simply throw things in then keep opening the bag.


What’s about wheel size?

Well: yes I think its fair to say that the thicker the wheels the smoother it will go over all terrains and make it less bumpy if you are transporting your load over very rough ground.

You want to look for a decent thickness in your wheels but not go too big as the bigger the wheel tire of course also means its more harder work to maneuver.


Other Carts you might want to Consider.

Maybe you’re not looking for a garden cart to carry garden waste or shift some rubble from A to B. Maybe you are after something else like a fold away cart, something to sit on whilst you do the planting, something to carry a bucket of water around the garden.

Probably some more research is needed yourself in finalizing your decision but I hope we have been of some use at least on this site to give you an idea of what great garden carts there is out there to help you with you gardening.

So even if you have made the decision that you quite frankly don’t need a garden cart right now, still get out and do some gardening at the weekend, I find there is nothing more relaxing and rewarding that doing a spot of gardening.


Gardens… should be like lovely, well-shaped girls:  all curves, secret corners, unexpected deviations, seductive surprises and then still more curves…

~ H.E. Bates, A Love of Flowers


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