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Garden Hose Cart – The Best Hose Cart For Doing Your Watering

Now for a spot of watering, but which cart to opt for.

Winner Rapid Reel Two Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart

So your garden is begging for a drink and you’ve only a short time to get the job done and you are after something to get it done with the least amount of fuss, so you reach for the hose, right?, exactly. Now hoses aren’t exactly new to the garden care market but with so many out there its a decision that is important to get right first time and pick a model that is going to do the job for what you want and is durable and well-built to last you for years, you don’t want to be buying a new hose every year.

Well I’ve tried some great hoses out and getting feedback from people to come up with a hose that pretty much ticks all the boxes for me and has had heaps of positive praise from its users. It comes in 3 models too, the cart version which is what I have, a wall mounted version for those people who like to have the hose fitted on to their house or shed and finally a free-standing version to carry and store where you please.

Whats the differences then between the models.

Theres not much to really compare the three models in comparison with quality as they are all equally well made and are in essence the same hose but just attached to a different type of reel. The obvious differences are portability and what works best for the user, I like to have the cart version so I can wheel it to the front and back of my garden and fix it to my two taps, this works best for me and is a breeze to move about which is unlike the last hose cart I had, the Amos True Temper hose wagon, I much prefer the ease of this cart to move around and when I’m done using it I wheel it back into storage in my shed for when I need it again. The flat free tires on this thing are really thick so it flies over most terrain like a breeze and the whole structure just seems to be built to be very sturdy.

Some people may prefer to have it handily mounted on the wall next to the outside tap and use it in this way. Or for those that are maybe short on space in the shed then the free-standing version is a good choice to opt for as it can fit outside somewhere out-of-the-way or takes up less room in your storage.

Also a nice feature is the chance to up the length of your hose.

No that’s not an innuendo lol but with this hose you can also get and attachment 1044 Extra Capacity Kit to extend any of the reels to be as long as 225ft for those larger garden areas, the normal one can take 150ft of hose. It just gives you that extra extension of the reel to accommodate for the longer length of hose and again really easy to fix on.

Two or Four wheels on your cart, the choice is yours.

I’m OK with the two-wheeled normal cart version and its the one shown in the image on Garden Carts World but they also at this company think of everything and have made available for extra ease and sturdiness a four-wheeled version, anyway it’s called a part 1045 Quad Wheeled Kit if that might be something you’d like.

This cart is the best also for its two very important features and the things that most people need in a garden hose cart, are that it’s rugged, durable and its reliability in being able to reel it all back in with ease. On lots of other models I’ve come across, this was the one annoyance I found, it was certainly not as easy as I’d hoped to wind back in the hose but although its never going to be totally perfect and takes no effort I did find the Rapid Reel, I found it was the best at this and winding in was relatively good and it seemed to do its job nicely, certainly a lot easier than anything else I’d tried before.

Rapid Reels and their Guarantee, yes 10 years on this baby.

If you’ve had a reel or a cart before, the chances are you’ve come across the annoying leaks that occur, well these all come with a ten-year guarantee on No Leakage , No Rusting and No Breakage so you are pretty much covered for this, it’s all made from top quality leak free components so that’s why they can allow to do this guarantee and why I purchased in the first place to be honest. I’ve not noticed any leakage yet and I’ve had mine a year or so now, so all good on the leakage front.





Lastly does this cart have any faults then?

Well very few products are perfect and yeah you can sometimes find things are not quite what you’d hoped for or you unluckily get a defected product, yeah it happens but I have given my recommendation award for best garden hose cart to this the Rapid Reel Two Wheeled Garden Hose Cart, for I found it the easiest to move about and wind back in. But yeah the winding back in with all reels isn’t for those in a rush and best to be done slowly I always find.

During my research I also found these other two hose cart’s that are also well worth a good look at in helping you decide.

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