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Garden Work Seat – Great For Doing Planting Work

Doing your gardening in comfort. Best Garden Seat

Winner Lawn Buddy by Ames True Temper

Lets face it gardening can be quite tiring work, especially planting and can be lots of bending so aching knees can often occur, luckily there are products out there to make gardening not so much of aching time and much more pleasurable, which is what we want, right?

The best seat for doing your gardening I’ve come across is the Lawn Buddy, as it is easily moved about, it’s comfortable and has great room inside for the storage of plants, pots and other essential gardening tools, the seat also can turn into a handle to move your cart to your next flower bed. It’s got a great organizer tray with three compartments which I found very useful also.

Much better than using a kneeling pad.

One great little thing I found with this is there really isn’t even a need to get up to move on to your next bed of flowers anymore as with it being on wheels you can simply manuever your cart whilst sitting down still on to your next area you are gardening at the time. I used to have a plastic stool which turns over and had padded kneeling foam to kneel on and do planting or the weeding but after a while my knees started to hurt and I was still having to get up every few minutes, I much prefer using this lawn buddy and working my way by staying seated, yeah obviously some areas I need to get up and drag my lawn buddy along with me, it all good though.

Room for keeping in the tools, the best bit.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m for ever losing things so having all my equipment and seeds close at hand is a blessing for me , all my tools I can put in the buddy before I start and I know they are there with me and I don’t need to be constantly going to my garage for bits and pieces. I find this the strongest plus point of the buddy to be honest. Its got good space in it for holding your stuff and I’d say that its pretty much the perfect size as it’s not too big (to be moving around) or too small (to be totally useless cause nothing fits in it).

Will it last the test of time and see me through a few gardening seasons ?

Well if you take care of it and clean it now and again and store it in a shed or garage too then yes it will last you ages, It is rust proof but with most things they last longer if you take care of them and this should last you a good few years indeed no worries, some people have reported to of had their lawn buddies 7 or 8 years and are still going strong.

I think the reviews of this baby speak for themselves.

Just looking around on gardening websites and review sites, people seem to love this product and it seems very popular in the gardening forums, I’ve recommended it to lots of people and as its relatively cheap for what you actually get, it’s a perfect solution. It’s very sturdy and durable and basically gets the job done, I can now do my planting and weeding much quicker and in comfort too. It would make a great gift for someone also.

Also have to mention its got has two molded drink holders so when its a hot day you can take out a nice refreshing drink with you as you do your gardening work.

This isn’t the only seat that I looked at actually before I purchased I also liked the look of the Rolling Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat  which appears a lot of fun to use but I couldn’t find that many people who had one to confirm to me that it was as good as it looked and would maybe be a little overkill for my needs I thought, the lawn buddy was cheaper and had loads of positive feedback so I opted to take the risk and I’m so pleased with my lawn buddy I don’t regret my decision at all. Another one to mention was the Garden Hopper which like the buddy very much in appearance but I did read the odd not so favourable review and thought I’d go for the lawn buddy instead.

Anyway I recommend having a look what is out there that best suits your needs but I know you wouldn’t be disappointed in a cute little lawn buddy to help your do your gardening in a little comfort and get it done with less aching of the old knees, I for one was not disappointed with it.

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