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Leaves In The Garden – We Discuss The Best Leaf Carts

Leaves In The Garden – We Discuss The Best Leaf Carts
Leaves In The Garden – We Discuss The Best Leaf Carts

Homeowners everywhere are taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and catching up on some much needed yard work. Although many people find yard work enjoyable and others dread it, one thing is certain, leaf carts make the job much easier to accomplish. Leaves scattered through the yard can be an eye sore and in some cases can even kill out grass and other plants, making a leaf problem something that should not be taken lightly. Leaf cleanup is all it takes to make your yard look well-kept and help your other plants survive.


Many Options Available for Leaf Carts

If you’re currently researching leaf carts, you’re already aware of the overwhelming selection. Garden carts come in various sizes with various features for different needs. If you simply have leaves in the garden and that is the heaviest job you need to complete, leaf carts that are easy to move and lightweight will be sufficient. When completing small jobs, there is no need for leaf carts to be heavy and cumbersome. Leaf removal can be a quick and easy task using a lightweight cart. One popular lightweight cart perfect for small jobs is the Allsop WheelEasy, which is not only lightweight, but foldable as well—making it ideal for people with small yards and limited storage space, this cart is also great for children that want to help you in the yard if you’re working on a larger project. The On The Edge 200 lb Capacity Green Folding Wagon is a great leaf cart to use with your Allsop WheelEasy also as it’s got good depth to fill up and easy to move around. Another great option is the Looker Leaf Cart as you can rake the leafs straight into it.

If you are in the market for a cart that will handle heavier tasks or larger projects, Gorilla Carts GOR200B can hold up to 600 lbs but weighs only 35 lbs! It’s perfect for moving plants and gardening supplies around a yard and even offers a user friendly dumping feature, perfect for projects like spreading mulch. It would be an ideal cart to use when filling tip bags, no need to struggle trying to carry them place to place, just use the gorilla cart to move them with ease.


Are leaf carts the only option?

When taking on yard work, you should understand that carts are not your only option for leaf removal equipment. If the task is very large, you may want to consider reviewing leaf vacuums, which can literally vacuum up leaves instead of you needing to rake and scoop them into a cart for removal. Another option is a leaf shredder. This option works best in conjunction with other leaf tools to make large jobs as simple as possible. A shredder will help break down the leaves and you can use compost them quickly and easily, getting rid of the dilemma of not having anything to do with the leaves once you’ve finished cleaning leaves from your yard. Last, but not least, an often over looked stand by is a leaf blower. Using one of these, you can condense leaves into piles much more quickly than you could with a rake. They’re a great way to keep driveways and sidewalks clear as well.

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