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Other Cart Options – We Take A Look At Hand Trucks And Carts

Other Cart Options – We Take A Look At Hand Trucks And Carts
Other Cart Options – We Take A Look At Hand Trucks And Carts

It can be difficult to move large pieces of furniture or stacks of boxes are a garage if it has to be done by hand. Not only can the loads be awkward, but because they can also be heavy, there can be the risk of severe injury to the back. Having the right pieces of equipment, such as hand trucks and carts, to help move heavy or awkward loads reduces the risk of injury significantly and also makes it much easier and quicker to move furniture or boxes.

Dollies and hand truck carts are usually tools to have when furniture, boxes and other heavy items need moving. If these loads are moved frequently, these tools are a necessity and not an option. Even if the loads are moved infrequently, wheel dollies make the move easier and quicker to do. Businesses use hand trucks and dollies every day to move heavy loads and there are industrial sized options, but there are also hand trucks and dollies made for home use.


Using Folding Hand Truck Carts and Dollies at Home

There are hand truck carts, dollies and carts made for home use as well as industrial uses. For gardeners, a garden cart can come in handy for moving heavy loads of dirt, mulch or plants from the gardening shed to where the materials are going to be placed or planted. Using a cart can eliminate the need to make several trips from the shed to the garden because hand tools, supplies and plants can be moved all at once.

To help with tasks inside the house, such as to clean behind large or awkward pieces of furniture, wheel dollies can be placed beneath each end of the sofa or an entertainment center and easily moved to allow for cleaning in those area. Once the cleaning or repair has been done, the pieces can be wheeled back into place and the hand dolly can be removed.


Rent When Needed

It isn’t necessary to own a dolly for moving large or heavy items if it is used infrequently, but a hand truck dolly can be rented when it is needed for a day or to help move a household from one apartment or home to another. While many lightweight dollies and carts for the home are inexpensive and they can easily be stored in the garage of a home, if they are not needed but once in while, like every few years, they can be rented instead of purchased.

Many moving companies provide trolleys and carts when their customers rent a truck to move their household between homes so the move is made easier and goes quicker. They can be a valuable tool when moving heavy loads and they allow for several boxes to be moved at one time instead of one by one.

Whether heavy furniture needs to be moved or a cart is needed for taking supplies and tools out to the garden, there are many choices for trolleys, hand for use in the home.

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