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We Take A Look At The Garden Hose And Garden Hose Carts

We Take A Look At The Garden Hose And Garden Hose Carts
We Take A Look At The Garden Hose And Garden Hose Carts

As just about anyone who has a yard knows, not all garden hoses are the same. Many are bulky, heavy and kink easily. It can be extremely frustrating to have to constantly look for knots in the line or deal with the tangles that come when you don’t have a proper way to organize and store your hose. It can also be difficult to transport the hose across the yard, especially if it is particularly heavy or if you have a large yard.

The best gardening hose is one that is convenient to transport, accessible, easy to store and, of course, doesn’t have any leaks! Today, we are going to take a look at the different features that are available for garden hoses and how they can make doing yard work more convenient for you and your family.


Garden Hose Carts and Hose Reel Carts

A garden cart is a very smart way to store your hose. A cart provides a contained, designated storage area that conceals it when not in use, as well as protects it from critters or debris that may otherwise damage the hose. Hose carts are also portable, allowing you to transport your hose without injuring your back or shoulders. A portable cart is ideal for someone who has a heavy hose, has a large yard or experiences back or shoulder pain.

A reel cart is similar to the above option, but on top of being portable and tastefully concealing your hose, it stores the hose on a simple, easy to turn reel. It is easy to use, as well; when you are finished watering your yard or garden, you simply wind the hose back into place. The garden hose on reel ensures that it stays untangled and organized. This comes in handy for people who have a long, bulky hose that knots easily.


Wall Mounts

Another popular option is a hose wall mount. It simply mounts onto an outside wall and provides neat, out of the way hose storage. By hanging the hose above the ground, it maximizes the use of space in your yard and makes it more difficult for wildlife to access. Many wall mounts also feature a convenient retractable garden hose. This is a wonderful option for those who have a smaller yard and want a space to easily store and access the watering hose.

Many types of hose carts are available online; now that you are familiar with the various types, you can choose the hose option that best meets the needs of you and your family. Once you are using the right type of hose and cart for your yard, you will no longer have to deal with an achy back from lugging the hose around or frustration from constantly pulling out the kinks. You will be able to water your plants with ease, and you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors once again.


Wheeled Carts

Hosing your garden is never a very easy job with the dragging the hose to those desired places around your garden. You’ve always got to be careful of your garden and that you don’t knock down any precious plants or bushes with your clumsy hose.

Having the hose on a handy wheeled hose cart can really make the job that bit easier with moving around the hose pipe. Nothings perfect and you still get problems with watching where you are going with the cart but it allows you to quickly reel back in the hose and transport to various patches of your garden with much more ease than just a hose.

Some people though do prefer to not have the cart and drag the hose around themselves. I guess it comes down to the individual to what works best for them and their garden space.


None Tangle

One great thing about hoses that you can buy today are that they now are making them without getting the kinks and the tangles that are the downside of hosing your gardens are can cause many a gardener to get annoyed and stamp their feet when the hose gets a stupid kink and stops flowing.

The none tangle ones can be quite stiff I agree, but it enables it to obviously not tangle but also let out a better flow of water stream as it holds the pressure much better. Are they completely none kinkable (I like that new word), well no I’d say not 100% no but they are however a massive improvement. All it usually takes is a quick shake of the pipe and the potential kink would be gone.

So at the end of the day garden hoses you can buy today have come along so much from the tangled plastic ones that never used to last very long and were a nightmare to lug around the garden.

Photo source: Thanks to Elliott Brown

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